DNA phage T7 Preparation, 500 μg

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About DNA phage T7 Preparation, 500 μg

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Catalog number: D02-500

Full name: DNA phage T7 Preparation, 500 μg

Size: 500 μg

Supplier:  Sibenzymes

Price: 105.00

Enzyme prototype: N/A

Ordering: To order the DNA phage T7 Preparation, 500 μg, please use the Cat. #D02-500 and send by email or Fax your purchase order. The Purchase Order must include shipping and billing addresses, applicable VAT number, desired quantity.

Contact: Prices are indicative. Gentaur/Genprice can alter prices without further notice. Please contact us for more information about the latest availability and price.

Technical file: Please contact our technical support at +32 16 58 90 45 to receive the latest datasheet and certificate of analysis

Precautions: The DNA phage T7 Preparation, 500 μg is manufactured in Europe and is intended to be used for research use only, not for diagnostics purposes. Do not use for human or animal consumption.