Geranylgeranyl Thiol Preparation Kit

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About Geranylgeranyl Thiol Preparation Kit

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Catalog number: G367620

Full name: Geranylgeranyl Thiol Preparation Kit

Size: 25 mg

Supplier:  trca

Price: 340.00

Chemical available in other sizes: Please inquire size and price

Stock availability: Please Inquire

Cas number: 191022-18-1

Chemical's molecular weight: 306.55

Chemical's main applications: Geranylgeranyl Thiol can be used to prepare prenylated cysteines.

Chemical's category: Inhibitors, Sulfur & Selenium Compounds

Other name: (2E,6E,10E)-3,7,11,15-Tetramethyl-2,6,10,14-hexadecatetraene-1-thiol; (all-E)-3,7,11,15-Tetramethyl-2,6,10,14-hexadecatetraene-1-thiol;

Chemical's formula: C20H34S

Physical properties: No Data Available

Melting temperature: No Data Available

Boiling temperature: No Data Available

Chemical's soluble in: No Data Available

Stability conditions: No Data Available

Storage: No Data Available