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Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) ia a plate-based test that uses color change and antibodies for detecting substances

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A lot of antibodies are for immunohistochemistry and formaldehyde fixed Immunostaining. Immunoglobulins to detect repair enzymes, apoptosis markers, caspase, tlr or toll like receptors wth histag or tag flag are much used today. For vector selection of lenti puro puromicin lentivectors and retroviral lentiviral plasmids for transduction we have various suppliersin the Silicon vally bay area or Peninsula.

Lyophilized azide free antibodies with protocol for injection for neutralizing studies. Also you could need samples for flow cytometers or cytometry. Immunohistology coupes with formol stained for ihc with antigen retrieval with acetic acid.

Polyclonal rabbit antibodies are more for western blot, wb cryo stainer, rat, canine, murine, bovine, porcine, zebra fish samples…

As instruments we have incubator, reader, washers. We sell 50 ml tubes and filter tips. For facs micro factor nuclear cellular macrophage monocyte stimulation granulocyte magnetic beads or they can be coupled tp sepharose agarose or polyacrylamide with low molecular weight. For dendritic cell therapy are important tcells, bcells, tregcells for pathways in immunology cancer or cancerology treatment patient sample breast tumorbiopsy samples and clinical studies.

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