96-well Plate Blood Genomic DNA Mini-Prep Kit

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About 96-well Plate Blood Genomic DNA Mini-Prep Kit

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Catalog number: BT92031-0002

Full name: 96-well Plate Blood Genomic DNA Mini-Prep Kit

Size: 2 Plates

Supplier:  biobasics

Price: 265.00

Availability and ordering : Please contact Gentaur/Genprice team to check availability and to request a quote

Note : This product is produced in USA according to the goods manufacturing practices and is designed specifically for Research Use Only.

Tissue : blood

Description : Blood is slightly basic and contains proteins, hemoglobin, albumins in its serum. biobasics supplies this blood related product in 1.A microtiter plate (spelled Microtiter is a registered trade name in the United States) or microplate or micro well plate or multiwell, is a flat plate with multiple "wells" used as small test tubes. The microplate has become a standard tool in analytical research and clinical diagnostic testing laboratories. A very common usage is in the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), the basis of most modern medical diagnostic testing in humans and animals. A microplate typically has 6, 24, 96, 384 or 1536 sample wells arranged in a 23 rectangular matrix. Some microplates have even been manufactured with 3456 or 9600 wells, and an "array tape" product has been developed that provides a continuous strip of microplates embossed on a flexible plastic tape.